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Privacy Policy

PAYMENT METHODS AND SECURITY We do not hold any credit card data/ details on site as we use secure and encrypted remote Credit/Debit card system APIs. You can be assured therefore that all credit card data is 100% secure as we do not hold any card data on site.  Your money and data is therefore 100% safe. We have chosen these systems and methods of payments for this reason. To pay you are transferred to a https secure virtual terminal. This has been chosen on purpose to provide the best security for you payment data wherever you are and however secure your internet link is.  The payment terminal we use at the end of your order can therefore be used safely via an unencrypted (open) WiFi link as the actual payment data packets themselves are fully encrypted even though the internet link may not be. is PCI compliant (credit card data safe) and is fully monitored. Your password on your account is stored in an encrypted format (not all sites do this).  It can never be inspected or changed and is useless if copied.  Even our own staff cannot see your password because of this encryption. We do not ask for personal information e.g. date of birth that can be used by fraudsters. Only enough information is obtained to complete your order.
  • UnderworldUnderwear Limited is compliant with the Data Protection Act.
  • We do not pass any of your details on to any third parties.
  • Your address and contact information is for the purposes of the sales transaction only, is not shared with anybody and is held securely.